More Published Letters to the Editor

Thank You!

We want to thank all 68 signers to the Letter to the Editor, which appeared most recently in The News (of Bridgeport's North End and Black Rock) on July 28, 2011 in addition to publication by the Connecticut Post and Len Grimaldi's Only in Bridgeport blog.  

Your e-mails have been very helpful in getting media attention and the direct attention of City officials on this matter.  With so many pressing issues in the City, it is easy for City officials to overlook the restoration of the sandspit and the longer term protection and preservation of the Ash Creek tidal estuary. 

Connecticut Post Letter to the Editor on St. Mary's Sandspit

A Letter to the Editor signed by 68 Black Rock residents appeared in the Connecticut Post on July 22, 2011 using the St. Mary's sand spit as an example of the need to hold City officials accountable for their actions.  The letter also appeared on Len Grimaldi's blog Only in Bridgeport a week earlier (for all posts on Len's blog regarding this issue type "St. Mary's" in the Search box on his blog.

Mears Dock Being Constructed During Spring Migration

You may have seen a barge with a derrick and heard pilings being driven in Ash Creek between March 17 and March 24.  Several members of the Ash Creek Conservation Association witnessed this and took photos.  ACCA contacted the DEP on March 21, March 22, and March 23, but it wasn't until March 24 that ACCA got a response from the DEP thanking us for for the photos and verification of the dates of the violations.  They said they would review Mr. Mears’ permit and then decide how they would proceed.  As it stands right now ACCA won’t have a formal role (i.e.

Mears Dock Construction March 24, 2011

CORRECTION Mears Dock, Not Toner Dock Under Construction

In our last update we mistakenly stated that "Toner is in the process of building his dock now.  You can see the barge in Ash Creek at high tide and hear the pilings being installed.  The dock will be almost directly across from the Ganim dock on the Fairfield side.   Work must be finished by July 1."  We apologize, there were two errors in this statement.  First, Toner has not yet been granted his permit (per DEP email on 3/23) and second Toner cannot work on his dock between March 15 through June 1 or July 1 though September 30 according to the draft permit because of the migration patter

Osprey Mate Arrives

Osprey mate arrived this morning (March 29, 2011)... ahhhh nest building  this am both OSPREY's busy, come see Ash Creek Osprey Platform on Great Marsh Island.  Jean Layton

First Osprey of the Spring Arrives in Ash Creek

Always on time ,"OUR OSPREY" arrived 3/28/11 and is  guarding its platform and sitting patiently awaiting its mate... uncertain if male or female, but  very white breast.................. ahhh Spring 2011.    Jean Layton