Fall Clean Up - November 7

This year's beach clean up by ACCA in conjunction with Save the Sound will be held on Saturday, November 7 starting at 10 AM and continuing until noon.  Please meet at 10 AM at St. Mary's-by-the-Sea and look for the Save the Sound flag.  The area to be cleaned is along the St. Mary's seawall, St. Mary's beach, and north along the shoreline of Ash Creek (along Gilman Street).  Thank you to Roger Ludwig of ACCA for organizing this clean up as he has for many years and to Professor Kraig Steffen for running this year's clean up. 

Spring Bird Walk with Milan Bull May 31, 2015



St. Mary's/Ash Creek Spring Clean Up 2015

The St. Mary's/Ash Creek Spring Clean Up organized by Peggy Ianniello and Martha Turnerwas held on Saturday, May 9th at 9 AM at St. Mary's beach.  The clean up was conducted along the shoreline of St. Mary's and Ash Creek. 


St. Mary's/Ash Creek Spring Clean Up 2014


Report Hunting Violations at Ash Creek

Over the years, DEEP has closed certain areas to waterfowl hunting or imposed additional restrictions at some sites. These actions are taken when DEEP finds that the physical setting of a particular locality presents an unreasonable risk that hunters may violate the regulations regarding minimum distances to dwellings or the regulations regarding shooting toward dwellings or people.

Ecohistory of Ash Creek Presentation on March 20th

An historical ecological analysis of the Ash Creek tidal estuary was sponsored by the Ash Creek Conservation Association and undertaken by One Nature, LLC.  The historical perspective ranged from prehistoric times to the present day and recommendations for protecting the fragile and ever dwindling barrier spit and beach areas from further erosion.   Bryan Quin, RLA, of One Nature, LLC gave the presentation to a full capacity gathering at the Fayerweather Yacht Club on March 20, 2013.  Videos of the session are divided into two parts below for easier viewing.


Dredging of Channel in March

Dredging of the channel to the South Benson Marina will begin the first or second week of March.  There Town of Fairfield has hired Julian Construction as their contractor.  The project will finish by the end of March.  Most of the dredging will be conducted from the Fairfield side, but there will be a machine on the the Bridgeport side.  It will not be located near the plantings.  The Town of Fairfield has obtained approvals from the State of Connecticut's DEEP and is coordinating with the City of Bridgeport even though the equipment will be on Fairfield land.