The Ash Creek Conservation Association (ACCA) was the catalyst for creating a powerful coalition with Bridgeport and Fairfield officials to prevent an ugly utility bridge from being built across the Ash Creek Tidal Estuary.  An agreement was reached to bury the 345kV power lines under water where they would not be seen.  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Department of Transportation (DOT), United Illuminating, Northeast Utilities, the Ash Creek Conservation Association, the Town of Fairfield, and the City of Bridgeport signed the agreement.  The lines were part of the Middletown-to-Norwalk transmission project which installed approximately 70 miles of 345kV power lines along roadways underground.  The CL&P's construction plans were already submitted to the DEP and were waiting for approval when ACCA interrupted the process by gathering 700 signatures opposing the plan.  Only 25 signatures were required to intervene.  The sheer number of signatures prompted four public hearings with state, Fairfield and Bridgeport officials as well as DEP and DOT officials. 

Ash Creek Victory Party July 18

Members of the Ash Creek Conservation Association gathered at Harborview Market on July 18, 2009 to celebrate their latest victory in protecting the Ash Creek tidal estuary. Gail Robinson, President of the Ash Creek Conservation Association delivered the following words of thanks to those who contributed to this latest accomplishment: