The Ash Creek Conservation Association (ACCA) has fought to prevent this 60' dock with a 24' powerboat davit from being permitted by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) by intervening in the proceeding regarding the permitting process.  A final decision was rendered by the DEP in March 2011 to allow the dock, however, additional protections were put in place and for the first time the usage of a dock was considered (e.g. use of a powerboat) in the permitting decision.

CORRECTION Mears Dock, Not Toner Dock Under Construction

In our last update we mistakenly stated that "Toner is in the process of building his dock now.  You can see the barge in Ash Creek at high tide and hear the pilings being installed.  The dock will be almost directly across from the Ganim dock on the Fairfield side.   Work must be finished by July 1."  We apologize, there were two errors in this statement.  First, Toner has not yet been granted his permit (per DEP email on 3/23) and second Toner cannot work on his dock between March 15 through June 1 or July 1 though September 30 according to the draft permit because of the migration patter

DEP Reverses Decision on Toner Dock

 In its last update on June 24, 2009, the Ash Creek Conservation Association announced they had won a major victory with regards to the Toner dock application.  The permit to build the 60 foot dock which would berth a 24 foot powerboat was denied by the DEP Adjudications Office in a Proposed Final Decision issued on June 23, 2009.  This was an important ruling because it would not only impact Toner’s dock, in denying the dock application, but future dock applications, (if any) in tidal wetlands throughout Connecticut that include powerboat useage.  The Final Ruling by the DEP Commissioner u

Toner Dock